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Golf Shot


Averaged 117 ss on Trackman today. That's 5 up from December! The guy that owns the practice center was like you're not even trying to swing hard. I appreciate you making the workouts bc it f****** works!

Dan P.

Just shot an 84 at Encinitas Ranch. Playing for money too...But yes, the lessons definitely paying off. No 3-putts.

Thomas W.

I have been hitting the ball well...scores are getting back down to mid-70's and starting to see some distance come back... Played in the Lincoln Trail 2-Man this weekend. Shot 73 on my own ball. Things really started feeling comfortable.

Braden P.

Dude, can I give you a hug right now?!

Dave A.

The rotation in my hips through the ball has improved so much. Feels so much better and I'm way more balanced in my entire swing.

Bruce Z.

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