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“Golf Slingshot’s patent pending design with an interchangeable weight system enables you to get four different weight settings from just one training club. In addition, Slingshot provides audible, physical and visual feedback through-out your swing to help you improve your flexibility, balance, tempo, timing and increase your club head speed.”


For people who want to improve the way they move, feel, and live, Naboso provides the first-ever small nerve proprioceptive insoles and mats designed to stimulate the nervous system and enhance movement.

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HWG crafts performance Hair, Bath, & Body products that deliver an effortless grooming routine with natural ingredients and sustainable packaging.

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The GPOD is the easiest way to mount and film your golf swing. Just stick the GPOD into the ground and stick your phone to the magnet! What we love about the new revamped GPOD is its ultralight carbon fiberbody and adjustable head. The magnetic mount has 360 degree adjustability to capture all different angles. This is the first product you can film your putting stroke overhead perspective view!


There is a better player in everyone.

Golf Training Aids is your one-stop shop for all your training aid needs. They supply training aids for Full Swing, Putting, Short Game, Nets/Targets, Juniors, and even Fitness!

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Stay Tuned!

I am constantly looking for businesses to work with that offer beneficial products! I never promote any product or service that I do not personally use or see benefit from!

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