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Overspeed Training Protocol

Overspeed Training Protocol

The Overspeed Training Protocol is designed to do one thing, and one thing only...INCREASE YOUR CLUBHEAD SPEED!


With this program you will be able to customize it completely to your individual needs. All you have to do is input your swing speeds and the program does the rest for you!


Included within the program is a Force/Velocity Calibrater, 5 weeks of Overspeed Training workouts, and a 15-session swing speed tracking sheet so that you can see your progression.


* Equipment Needed to Perform Protocol:

- Overspeed Training device.

- Variety of medballs/sandbells.

- Swing speed radar.

- Light resistance band.

- Driver.




The Overspeed Training Protocol is an intense training regimen. It is advised to perform the Alpha Golfer Strength Phase (or at the very least performed some type of strength training) for at least 5 weeks prior to OTP. With that said, don't push past pain, and Perform at your own risk!

    $100.00 Regular Price
    $50.00Sale Price
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