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Alpha Golfer Program

Alpha Golfer Program

The Alpha Golfer Program includes:

  • 14 weeks of programmed workouts!
  • 5 Weeks of Strength Training!
  • 4 Weeks of Power Training!
  • 5 Weeks of Active Recovery Training!
  • 100+ different exercises!
  • Video links on how to perform each exercise!
  • Easy to read formatting!


LOOK BETTER - Every workout will put your entire body to the test. Not seeing body composition results IS NOT AN OPTION!


GOLF BETTER - Strategically designed to increase strength, stability, and speed where you need it most to hit the drives you have always wanted to! 


LIVE BETTER - Targets the most common movement limitations, as well as tests your nervous system to become an overall more efficient mover during everyday life!

  • PDF File

    You will be emailed a PDF File of the Alpha Golfer Program. The File will include an Alphabetized Exercise Index, a program definitions page, and a layout of each day's workout.

    Click the name of each exercise to view a video of how to perform each movement.

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